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'Strategy, Security, Savings and Service – A Case for Managing Data Differently '

This paper outlines principal considerations and evaluation tactics for technology professionals contemplating a migration of their databases to a cloud platform. Primary decision factors can be characterized as the “four S” considerations:

• Strategy, or the need for a prudent, often gradual, migration plan, which may feature a public, private, or hybrid cloud solution;
• Security, from HADR (high availability/disaster recovery) capabilities to safeguard against malicious attack;
• Savings, or a cost-benefit advantage; and a
• Service dimension that inspires confidence.

Many cloud hosting providers have achieved ticket-of-entry credibility in the data warehousing industry by building simple colocation centers. A first-tier database as a service (DBaaS) contender, however, is set apart by a value-added service approach that is strategic, consultative and responsive. A first-tier provider also offers state-of-theart technology, like Microsoft SQL Server 2012, and commits to a product roadmap that expands their customers’ capabilities. Blending conscientious service, strategic insight and highly reliable technology is the way to earn customer confidence.

Peak 10 supports Microsoft® Windows Server