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'Application Performance Management of J2EE, .NET And SOA Environments'
As the complexity, immediacy, and scope of enterprise processes increase, so does the risk of failure. Comprehensive, proactive management of next-generation information processes and services is critical. Traditional application management tools are inadequate to manage next-generation cross-application and, eventually, cross-enterprise business processes and services because they are static, invasive, and unaware of changing application context.

Businesses need a management tool that provides real-time visibility, context, and control from the application and data level through the dynamic service and business process levels.

Examples of some key capabilities required are:

• Application Mapping – the ability to automatically discover and map composite applications
• Business Process Tracing – the ability to trace the full scope of business processes across service layers
• Aggregate SLA Monitoring – the ability to turn component level metrics into meaningful business data

Learn about management solutions designed with the reach and sophistication to manage production business systems and processes built on J2EE and .NET, that ensure the continuity of vital, automated business processes. These solutions manage and monitor all relevant tiers, their constituent components, and the interrelationships between those components.