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'OVUM Butler Group Service Gateway Technology Audit '

In this January 2010 Technology Audit, OVUM Butler Group analyst Rob Hailstone describes Intel's SOA Expressway and how the software appliance can be deployed as a point of entry for SOA or as a point-of-usage device that offloads process intensive tasks from a traditional Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). Rob describes key findings including how SOA Expressway can even replace the need entirely for traditional forms of ESB. The report provides coverage on how SOA Expressway delivers a set of run-time governance functions, both passive such as monitoring and auditing, and active such as policy enforcement and security gateway. It also addresses how the product is able to provide the service mediation functions of an ESB, and has some ability to provide service orchestration functions. In his review, Rob elaborates on how SOA Expressway can be viewed as several different types of product according to situation and need.