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'The Four Dimensions of Application Performance Monitoring '
Webinar with Will Cappelli of leading analyst firm Gartner

Gartner analyst Will Cappelli talks about how applications have become central to enterprise IT operations, and how complex architectures have led to significant challenges in monitoring and managing the performance of applications. As enterprise application architectures become more modular, distributed, volatile, and interdependent; applications have become much more difficult to manage, and the need to proactively monitor and manage applications proactively has become stronger.

Cappelli outlines the four dimensions of Application Performance Management including application dependency mapping, component health monitoring, business process tracing, and end-user experience monitoring, and summarizes the technologies that address these different dimensions.

View this webinar to learn:
• How to approach the task of measuring web application performance
• What technologies to consider for measuring each of the four dimensions of application performance management
• How standards-based approaches are making web application performance management more manageable

You will also hear from Wayne Greene, Tidal Software’s VP of Product Management, how the latest release of Tidal Intersperse addresses the four dimensions of Application Performance Monitoring for a complete performance management solution.