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'Day 2 Keynote | Ignite Innovation: Turn Developers Loose on Hybrid Cloud'
In the old world of IT, if you didn't have hardware capacity or the budget to buy more, your project was dead in the water. Budget constraints can leave some of the best, most creative and most ingenious innovations on the cutting room floor. It’s a true dilemma for developers and innovators – why spend the time creating, when a project could be abandoned in a blink? That was the old world. In the new world of IT, developers rule. They have access to resources they can spin up instantly. A hybrid cloud ignites innovation and empowers developers to focus on what they need. A hybrid cloud blends the best of all worlds, public cloud, private cloud and dedicated servers to fit the needs of developers and offer the ideal environment for each app and workload without the constraints of a one-size-fits-all cloud. Join Lisa Larson, Rackspace vice president of enterprise cloud solutions, for this informative session examining the concrete steps you must take to spark innovation and creativity among developers. You’ll hear real-world customer examples of how a hybrid cloud arms your developers with the tools to be true innovators in this new IT world.

Speaker Bio:Lisa Larson is the Vice President of Enterprise Cloud Solutions for Rackspace. She has spent 20-plus years in IT, Professional Services and technical sales working with customers of all sizes with an emphasis in Consulting, Solution Sales, Infrastructure Services, Project Management, IT Operations, Technical Support, Application Development and IT Management. Lisa became a Racker in September 2010 and is responsible for end-to-end technical sales for the U.S. market. In 2011, she launched Rackspace Advisory Services; an elite, dedicated team of cloud experts and consultants who help enterprises build cloud strategies, transform the business of IT and leverage cloud computing. She's a published author and a graduate of the University of Houston. In her spare time, she is an avid runner and has completed nine marathons. She is currently contemplating her next big marathon. She also enjoys a bit of karaoke from time to time.