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'The Ever Changing Cloud'
Another perfect storm is brewing in cloud computing fueled by the explosive growth of internet-based mobile apps, network virtualization, and API’s for programmatic control of infrastructure. In addition, community-driven open source projects such as OpenStack make it possible for anyone to deploy and directly contribute to what promises to be a widely deployed, open cloud platform. Many companies and individual developers are contributing ideas and code for new cloud services, which bring capabilities of the underlying infrastructure into the world of cloud applications.

To better understand how this will change cloud computing, this Day 4 keynote by Cisco's Cloud CTO Lew Tucker will talk about the way to think about platforms, abstractions, and infrastructure as we enter this next phase of cloud computing.

Speaker Bio:
Lew Tucker is Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Cloud Computing at Cisco, where he is responsible for shaping the future cloud strategy and products.

Tucker has more than 20 years of experience in the high-tech industry, ranging from distributed systems and artificial intelligence to software development and systems architecture. Prior to Cisco, he was VP and CTO for Cloud Computing at Sun Microsystems and led the development of the Sun Cloud. Other achievements in his career include Salesforce.com’s AppExchange, the java.com developer community, and the massively parallel Connection Machine. He’s currently leading a team working on the Quantum networking service in the OpenStack community.