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'General Session | Effectively Leveraging the Cloud for Better User Experience'
The cloud has many benefits, but when it comes to application development, how does the cloud help enterprises and development teams create custom software and applications that end users actually care about? Using real world examples from Adobe, Herff Jones and Navy Federal Credit Union, we will highlight the advantages cloud computing provides for quickly developing custom software and applications with compelling user experiences.

This session will explore:
  • Using the flexible nature of cloud computing to rapidly design and deploy integrated enterprise applications
  • Leveraging the cloud for a highly visible and transparent development process
  • Using a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to create a hybrid cloud

Speaker Bio:

A self-described, “usability fanatic,” Anthony Franco, president of Denver-based EffectiveUI, co-founded his company in 2005 under the core belief that people deserve better software.
In his role as president, Anthony is responsible for building and strengthening business relationships, identifying new business opportunities and market solutions for clients and communicating the value and importance of user experience-driven business strategies.