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'General Session | Identity Driven Security in the Cloud'
Security is moving to Trust Management and the Cloud is going to make it happen. In a connected world security is morphing quickly and we are no longer focused on disconnected servers, objects and things. Instead, It's a relationship driven world where security is now largely about the identity of everything and how we manage security is going to come down to identifying trusted relationships.

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Scott Chasin is CTO McAfee Content & Cloud Security. He is widely recognized as a pioneer and leading visionary in the cloud security industry, having pioneered the development and marketing of several SaaS-based messaging, collaboration and security-focused technologies. He is credited with the launch of the first Web-based email consumer service, and delivered the first IP-based commercially hosted messaging service supporting thousands of businesses and millions of end users worldwide. Chasin also created and moderated the first full-disclosure security discussion list, Bugtraq, and was a key contributor to the creation of the first open-source, one-time password system, S/Key. Prior to its acquisition by McAfee in 2009, Chasin served as CTO of MX Logic. He was also CTO and Chief Visionary for USA.NET, helping establish the company as one of the first global providers of Internet-based email and advanced messaging services.