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'General Session | Cloud Storage: Myths and Realities'
Large-scale cloud computing has the unique properties of massive amounts of data twinned with huge aggregate performance requirements. Putting all the data on low-cost storage results in unacceptable performance, but putting all the data on high-performance storage results in unacceptable costs. This session explores the requirements for cloud storage and how it can best be implemented with a combination of hardware, software and process.

Presented By:
Stephen J. Sicola was the VP of the Advanced Storage Architecture group within Seagate Technology. Stephen has over 29 years in the storage industry, was a Compaq Fellow, former CTO of StorageWorks at Compaq and Digital Equipment Corporation. Stephen has led developments on several generations of storage arrays, storage architectures, and software & hardware teams. Stephen has 39 patents pending or granted in the areas of Storage Architecture, RAID, Fault Tolerance, Caching, Disaster Tolerance, and Virtualization.

Stephen has a BSEE from Stanford University in Electrical Engineering, and a Master from NTU in Computer Architecture/Fault Tolerant Computing.