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'General Session | The Big Win: Stop Playing Small-Ball with Your Cloud Strategy'
Many enterprises are struggling to develop a cloud computing strategy. Cloud computing seems like it ought to be a game-changing technology, but so often when the initial proof of concept is finished, it appears to have simply rearranged the deckchairs within a titanic IT department. The problem is, we have been trained through decades of IT implementation to focus on certain metrics. Unfortunately, those are the wrong ones. Consequently, when it comes to cloud computing, most of us are playing "small-ball."

To graduate to the big leagues, we need to step back and re-evaluate both the goals and the technologies themselves to find the big win. In this session, you'll get some perspective on how leading enterprise cloud adopters are swinging for the fences and running up the score.

Presented By:
Dave Roberts is Vice-President of Strategy and Marketing at ServiceMesh, Inc. He has two decades of experience in networking, computer engineering and strategic product development. Prior to his current role at ServiceMesh, he held a similar role at Vyatta, where he crafted the marketing and communications strategy that positioned the company as the leader in open networking. Prior to Vyatta, Roberts was the co-founder, CTO, and Vice-President of Strategy at Inkra Networks where he provided the data center networking strategy that captured a tier-one customer base including IBM, EDS, AT&T, and NEC.

Experienced in numerous networking and software technologies, he holds ten patents, and is the author of three books.