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'It’s All Cloud: Blurring the Line Between Dedicated and Cloud Services'
The difference between cloud and dedicated solutions might not be as big as you think. In many ways, hosting providers delivered the cloud before it was even called that. And even as the cloud has taken on more specific definition, its greatest future is not in further differentiation but in greater integration. A cloud service’s value increases exponentially when, instead of a standalone solution, it seamlessly integrates with dedicated servers and systems. That way, its high flexibility and cost-effectiveness can significantly increase total scalability and decrease total cost of operations for the entire environment, for organizations of all sizes and in any category.

Duke Skarda, Softlayer’s CTO, will present a vision of on-demand data center services where it’s impossible to say where the cloud starts and ends. He’ll provide unique examples of current hybrid environment applications, as well as an insightful forecast of what features and advantages may soon be innovated, as service providers tether the cloud and all it has to offer.

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Duke Skarda serves as SoftLayer’s CTO. In this role, he holds responsibilities for the company’s entire span of IT activities, including core IT operations, and software development and implementation for customer-facing solutions. Skarda is the resident senior executive in the company’s Dallas offices.

Prior to joining The Planet, Skarda spent 10 years with Level 3 Communications in a series of increasingly responsible positions. As senior vice president for its Content Markets Group, Skarda led engineering and IT development for its content distribution network platform and IT support systems. As senior vice president for IT architecture and application development, he led a broad range of programs, including business process management, and order-entry and service assurance development. Skarda also served as vice president of IT architecture, where he led the development of a long-range systems roadmap, systems merger and acquisition planning, and the development of the company’s enterprise architecture team.