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'The Business Value of the Cloud'
In this General Session, Cathy Minter will talk about how the Cloud can be leveraged today to enable innovation and creative business models for companies. The session will discuss how traditional Cloud infrastructures can be expanded to leverage business process management and workflow in the cloud to reduce costs and accelerate time to market. Minter will highlight success stories of leading edge businesses who use the Cloud as a new business channel to become more agile and competitive

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Catherine Minter is President of Cordys Americas. She is responsible for Americas P&L, and delivering solutions for companies dealing with the complex task of addressing business transformation challenges in organizations through systems innovation, reducing costs while increasing agility. Catherine brings 18 years of technology and software industry experience to this rapidly growing organization. Prior to joining Cordys, Cathy was VP of SAP’s Enterprise Accounts and built a fast-paced team, where she successfully moved SAP into the mid-market Communications and Manufacturing sectors. Prior to SAP, Cathy held various Strategic Sales Positions within Oracle’s Communications Industry.