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'DevOps Summit Power Panel | DevOps Patterns and Anti-Patterns: How to Do the Right Things in the Real World '
In the world of DevOps there are ‘known good practices’ – aka ‘patterns’ – and ‘known bad practices’ – aka ‘anti-patterns.' Many of these patterns and anti-patterns have been developed from real world experience, especially by the early adopters of DevOps theory; but many are more feasible in theory than in practice, especially for more recent entrants to the DevOps scene.

This panel session will discuss the patterns and anti-patterns of DevOps, and what it means to ‘do the right thing’ in a DevOps way, but in the real world. In particular, panelists will share their ideas about at how these patterns/anti-patterns intersect with real world challenges, such as crystallized systems, regulated industries, distributed workforces, existing ‘best practices’, cultural change, organizational structures, and more. Other topics will include:

DevOps Theory vs. Practice
What are some anti-patterns
What are some patterns
Culture vs. Process
Starting with Technology
DevOps – a team? A role? Neither? Both?
What is possible, what is not?
ITIL/ITSM and DevOps
Best practices or not?