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'DevOps – The Journey to Value Stream'
Thomas Hooker, Silicon Valley technologist and vice president of marketing for CollabNet, will present his popular talk titled “DevOps – The Journey to Value Stream.” This educational session will give you a deep look into the market drivers behind DevOps and enterprise Agile management today.

Software is changing every industry. Think about Tesla disrupting the automotive industry, Airbnb, and Uber, the list goes on. Each leads with software to create an entirely new experience for the customer. This radical shift is causing traditional companies in all sectors to innovate and compete—they know that better customer experiences fuel business, and software lets them deliver those experiences to win, delight, and keep customers.

So organizations quest to deliver better experiences through faster, better software by using DevOps tools and practices. As they strive for continuous delivery, continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous monitoring and continuous feedback, they discover an ingredient is missing. What is it?

What would allow development practices to stay continuously aligned to business objectives? Measurement. Good measurement comprises the ability to integrate the many tools within DevOps, analyze and associate the myriad of events, and report on the findings and measure the value an organization is receiving from these tools and processes. Organizations recognize this and are exploring the discipline of value stream mapping (VSM), a lean measurement technique, to ensure that the software they are producing is poised to offer continuous improvements to customers’ experience of products and services.

Attend this talk and learn exactly how your organization can benefit by applying value stream mapping to DevOps initiatives, tools, teams, and processes to tap the full business potential of DevOps.