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'Opposing Forces: How to Innovate on a New Product Platform Without Abandoning Your Legacy'
Everyone knows that truly innovative companies learn as they go along, pushing boundaries in response to market changes and demands. What’s more of a mystery is how to balance innovation on a fresh platform built from scratch with the legacy tech stack, product suite and customers that continue to serve as the business’ foundation.

Hear why and how ReadyTalk diverted from healthy revenue and more than a decade of web conferencing product development to start a project that reflects shifts in customer needs, cloud, dev tools, web standards, enterprise mobility and video. We’ll cover upsides, downsides and learnings in terms of investment, resource allocation, talent retention and technical considerations.

Speaker Bio:
Michael Chambliss is Head of Engineering at ReadyTalk. He has been in the software development industry for more than 15 years, focusing on platform architectures and organizational growth. Outside of software, Michael is a gadget geek at heart and spends much of his free time building and experimenting with audio equipment.