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'Trends, Challenges, and Solutions to Protect the Cloud'
Infrastructure is widely available, but who’s managing inbound/outbound traffic? Data is created, stored, and managed online – who is protecting it and how? Learn how to keep any and all infrastructure clean, safe, and efficient by monitoring and filtering all malicious HTTP/HTTPS traffic at the OSI Layer 7. Stop attacks and web intruders before they can enter your network.

Speaker Bio:
Jaeson Yoo is Senior Vice President of Business Development at Penta Security Systems Inc.

A Mathematical Computing Platform Over Cloud

Many high-tech companies are doing R&D projects in developing their products, like aerospace and artificial intelligence. Join Andy Kim, CEO and Founder of MathFreeOn, as he introduces a SaaS service for engineers and scientists.

Speaker Bio:
Andy Kim is CEO and Founder of MathFreeOn.