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'Key Challenges in Cloud Computing and How Yahoo! is Approaching Them'
Cloud Computing is receiving a lot of attention, and a number of companies see it as a key to increased agility and efficiency. The technology, however, is still at an early stage and many fundamental challenges need to be addressed before the full promise of the paradigm can be realized. In this general session, Yahoo! Chief Scientist Raghu Ramakrishnan will highlight some of the key challenges, describe projects at Yahoo! that seek to address one or more of these challenges, and - in particular - he will consider the issues in managing large data stores in the cloud.

Raghu Ramakrishnan serves as Chief Scientist for Cloud Computing and is responsible for the scientific innovation required to develop Yahoo!’s cloud initiatives, leveraging expertise in data serving, grid computing, storage, and virtualization technology. In addition, Ramakrishnan is Chief Scientist for Audience, and heads the Web Information Management group in Yahoo! Research. Prior to joining Yahoo! he was a Professor of Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and was founder and CTO of QUIQ, a company that pioneered question-answering communities, powering Ask Jeeves' AnswerPoint as well as customer-support for companies such as Compaq.