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'Operationalizing Advanced Analytics on the Cloud for Quick Wins'
The adoption of cloud analytics is accelerating in companies of all sizes and across industries. For an increasing number of companies in all industries around the globe, their center of gravity for mission-critical business data is moving to cloud applications. Companies are looking to use cloud analytics solutions to accelerate the delivery of actionable business insights. Cloud offers strong advantages in terms of speed and agility. Let us hear from UBM how they have implemented their Cloud Analytics environment using Amazon Redshift and visualize it via powerful dashboards using Tableau.

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In this webinar, you’ll learn:

• How UBM achieves predictive insights for millions of their customers across various channels like events, online activity, social and mobile sources

• Why Cloud Analytics can reduce the cost and improve the performance of large scale data by orders of magnitude

• How using Informatica Cloud they have gained speed, and saved cost