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'Delivering the Honeywell User Experience Through OnPrem Monitoring - Watch Now'
Being able to ensure a positive experience for your customers and end users is one of the hallmarks of any great company. Yet with all of the different internal and external online systems needed to do that, early detection and rapid response to performance issues becomes harder and more expensive.

View the recording of our latest OpsCast, Delivering the Honeywell User Experience Through OnPrem Monitoring, to learn how Honeywell has used different synthetic solutions to improve customer experience around the world, and how you can replicate their methods to do the same.

"This proved the easiest business case that I have ever made to the executive team. Catchpoint paid for itself before we even finished our [proof of concept]. That simple POC environment was a game changer for us." - Paul Fries, Honeywell Monitoring Leader

Key takeaways:
• How OnPrem agents reduce costs and improve insight into different online systems
• Real-life examples of improvements to Honeywell's customer experience
• Ways that Honeywell has deployed OnPrem solutions around the globe